Why LoanPlus?

Providing automotive financing is riskier than ever these days. Minimizing payment defaults and related collection costs is the only way to keep your profits healthy. Our Collateral Management System (CMS) reduces time and eliminates roadblocks by providing information in real time as well as the location and movement of an asset 24/7. The automated alert feature can be used to remind a customer that their payment is past due via a warning signal located in the vehicle or with automated text alerts. Changing borrower's behavior can reduce delinquencies.

LoanPlus is helping to set the standards in the industry. In fact, we own the core technology patents and data is secured in a redundant environment. The solution is designed to help Lenders:

  • Sell more loans
  • Broaden the dealer market served with indirect lending
  • Change borrower behavior
  • Automate processes
  • Reduce overhead and overall cost structure
  • Offer better loans than the competition
  • Maximize resources
  • Collect more loan payments, and collect them on time
  • Secure collateral
  • Improve performance on warehouse lines of credit

Our customers receive a customized implementation of the LoanPus CMS fully integrated into their loan portfolio application along with:

  • A secure, dedicated, web-based portal that enables collectors to automatically track and communicate with borrowers quickly, enabling them to manage a much larger loan portfolio. Immediate and automatic activation at the dealer level.
  • Training of lender staff on CMS and its software interface.
  • Marketing and field-training support to the lender’s field-sales team and dealer base.
  • Two-way, Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows lenders to integrate CMS data directly into their own portfolio-management systems.
  • Option to require dealers to use a certified third-party installer of hardware to assure quality and consistency.
  • 24/7 support for any issues that arise.

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