Reduce the Cost of Collections and Repossessions with LoanPlus CMS

It’s no secret that the cost of collections and repossessions can be cumbersome and time consuming. Most automotive lenders simply don’t have the resources or the know-how to keep on top of it without incurring extra costs. The good news is that there is a solution to this. With LoanPlus Collateral Management System (CMS), automotive lenders can more easily manage their assets and reduce the costs of collections and repossessions with the use of automatic payment reminders and the real-time locate feature that comes with LoanPlus CMS.

LoanPlus CMS makes it possible for automotive lenders to effectively and efficiently improve collections and repossessions’ costs with a fully comprehensive, user-friendly collateral management system. One of the key features of the LoanPlus CMS system is the payment reminder. Payment reminders help to change the car borrower’s behavior as well as increase profitable performance.

Another important facet of the LoanPlus CMS is the seamless way in which it works with its GPS tracking feature. Automotive lenders are able to significantly reduce the time it takes to repossess or collect a vehicle, as it provides them with the asset’s exact vehicle location in real-time. This significantly improves the time wasted finding the vehicle, therefore reducing the overall costs for repo agents.

On a grander scale, by using LoanPlus CMS, you can easily maximize your overall profits. Because your collections and repossessions will be more effective and efficient, you will able to collect quickly, which allows for a greater turnover rate. Plus, by using the Collateral Management System from LoanPlus CMS, your loan portfolio will grow and your assets will be protected.

So, cut down on the cost and the headaches of collections and repossessions by signing up for LoanPlus CMS today!  For more information visit us at

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