Collateral Management System LoanPlus CMS: Why Your Business Needs it Now

What company these days doesn’t require an intuitive collateral management system that provides a high level of business insight and enables lenders to view and easily manage mobile assets? The answer is no one, yet sub-prime auto finance companies in particular can benefit from this platform.

With the ability to nearly double an organization’s ROI within every loan cycle, LoanPlus CMS is comprised of four elements:

  • The GPS-based Collateral Management Unit
  • The cloud-based monitoring and a control server
  • Lender portfolio management system utilizing a two-way API and lastly,
  • A fully protected Web-based control center for both lenders and dealers

With the ability to be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems already in use by those in the automotive space, CMS software is currently leveraged by over 14,000 lenders and dealers throughout the country.

With so many organizations turning to LoanPlus CMS, what are some of the most significant benefits being seen?

  • Enhances the life of a loan by 40 percent
  • Drives recovery rates by 33 percent and cuts the time it takes to retrieve these assets down dramatically
  • Ramps up revenue seen
  • Comes complete with easy-to-use tools that can not only change borrower’s behavior but enable lenders to see payments coming in on time as expected
  • Protects data
  • Builds reports from scratch that include business intelligence needed to better track and monitor performance
  • Fully customizable
  • Offers a high level of support and service

To better manage people and assets alike, information is needed to make better decisions. Spireon is leading the way with its business intelligence features that used in conjunction with any collateral management system can optimize loan portfolios, employee performance, customer satisfaction and most importantly—get loans repaid on time.

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