See Quicker Results with Spireon's LoanPlus CMS Express Installation Service – Part Two

Loan Plus CMS

The key to getting more members behind the wheel is installing a robust collateral management system that helps credit unions broaden their lending to more credit challenged members, while also helping members make their payments and rebuild their credit; but none of this can be accomplished without a full turnkey solution.

Spireon’s LoanPlus CMS offers Express Installation Service so credit unions can quickly say yes to more members. In part one of this series, we discussed four of the Express Installation Services’ features including streamlined operation, online ordering, professional installation and technical support. Let’s continue our discussion in part two with more turnkey features.

Collateral Assessment

With LoanPlus CMS Express Installation Service, all collateral receives a basic on-site inspection. If need be, more detailed inspections and reports are available upon request.

Fast Service

As a credit union you are busy; you don’t have time to wait days or weeks for the installation process to be complete. With Spireon’s express installation, set-ups are complete within 24-48 hours getting you up and running in no time and closer to reaching your goals.

Convenient Installs

Unlike most installation services, Spireon comes to you. Nationwide installation services are performed at the vehicles location, whether it’s a dealership, customer work, home, etc., based on availability.

Install Updates

Communication is key, which is why Spireon communicates with members and the credit union throughout the entire installation process.

Verify Service

Basic vehicle information verification is included during the installation process and any obvious problems or damage is appropriately registered.

Optimize Service

Users receive complete operation verification of their LoanPlus CMS system. Full online tests and data entry are done by an Express Installation Service associate after the installation is complete.

Peace of Mind

Support doesn’t stop after installation is complete. Users receive guaranteed labor for up to one year, with full quality control audits on installation and device. Full equipment warranty also applies.

For more on Spireon’s LoanPlus CMS Express Installation Service click here for access to the “LoanPlus CMS for Credit Unions: Help Your Members Reach Their Goals. And Build Their Credit.” brochure.

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