Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Utilizing Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, the LoanPlus Collateral Management System (CMS) provides you with a continual, real-time stream of information that can integrate data directly into your own portfolio-management systems. The LoanPlus CMS provides a host of customizable features to help customers:

LoanPlus Features Bullet  Improve loan performance. The automated payment reminders and starter interrupt features help improve borrower behavior and ultimately, help lenders collect more payments on time.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Increase recovery success rate. LoanPlus has helped customers increase asset recovery rates as much as 33 percent while reducing their time spent on this, in half.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Reduce collection costs. With the improved success rates in collections in parallel with tools that automatically track and communicate with borrowers quickly, lenders are able to increase employee productivity as much as 300 percent. This gives LoanPlus customers the ability to manage larger loan portfolios.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Build flexible Reports With Actionable Intelligence. The LoanPlus CMS provides customers with an easy-to-use dashboard and a customizable reporting suite that enables lenders to better track, monitor and forecast into the future.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Protect data. LoanPlus servers run in parallel at geographically dispersed, high-level and secure facilities, monitored 24/7 to ensure no disruption of service, even in a natural disaster.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Protect privacy. LoanPlus is built on the same infrastructure that powers the most secure applications on the planet. Dedicated, web-based portal with GSM data encryption ensures privacy and security of borrower information, protecting your loan portfolio.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Custom implementation. Data delivery designed to custom specifications to match your existing processes and work environment.
LoanPlus Features Bullet  Dedicated support and service. Customers receive dedicated technical and field support to help train your team and trouble-shoot issues along with 24/7 customer service support.
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